Bye Bye Sweetwater Saloon

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Captain Wayne-O ventures where he's never been before . . . (open mic-ers were required to use the customers' rest rooms . . .)

The dear Commander was always playing a gig or two or three at the Sweetwater every year for years. It was an event I would always look forward to and usually attend. The appearances were a little less frequent after Commander Cody moved from Stinson Beach to Saratoga Springs New York. I love these guys. His East Coast Airmen have so many great missions under their belts that they fly by the seats of their pants . . . if I could play piano like anyone it would be George Frayne. This was the best, Commander Cody's last stand at the Sweetwater Saloon ! ! !

Shoulda been me . . . Seeds and Stems

George Frayne and Austin deLone . . . Elvis, Jerry, James, Austin, et al

Captain Wayne-O and Commader Cody at the Sweetwater Saloon
Captain Wayne-O and Commander Cody at the Sweetwater
a photo by Cricket

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