Kelly the Pirate Smith Live at the Sweetwater

Kelly Smith is returning to his first love: Live Musical Performance . . . check out this little video just imagine if the sound was captured off the board . . . He has entusiasm and talent . . . and a killer voice . . . and of course the keyboardmister himself the legendary Austin DeLone keeping the Open Mic open and free . . .

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Here's the vid of Kelly and Austin

I am a professional vocalist who is currently working the local area for talent in preparation to return to the music business.

I've been singing for many years, I have fronted more than 10 bands of various styles (rock based) over the years. I wont drop names, but I am an pro. I am now gathering musicians for my next run at the music industry.

I thought you might consider a twist to your idea, and follow a singer as he goes from one open mike to another from jam session to band audition as I gather contacts and interest in my project.

I think my vocal ability and my unique current living situation would make for good documentary look at the life of a working musician I am doing this while living out of a Toyota 4runner.

I am attaching a song "Slippin on By" I co-wrote, arranged and sang all vocals on (with a project called superfuzz out of SF a couple years back).....

If you are interested in my Idea, please call my cell phone at 338 1326 or email me at or here at work


Kelly Smith

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