The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock @ Golden Gate Park 10/25/2009

peaceful people everyoneThe weather was perfect again . . . amazing how these concerts Chet Helms Memorial Stomp in 2005, The 40th Aniversary of the Summer of Love in 2007 and The 40th Aniversary of Woodstock all have had better than perfect weather a clear connection to the will of the cosmos no doubt. Thanks to Boots Houston and friends and the City of San Francisco for a free and peaceful concert. The vibes advanced the cause of world peace on a good tragectory a vibrational course toward the world of our better dreams.

fly Butterfly fly

Had I known I might have chucked this cheap digital gem *photo by Wendy ElkinFunny things happen when you start to think you're too cool . . . I knew I'd really do amazing things in this multi-media presentation . . . more pics . . . better vids . . . clever writing . . . on and on . . . it'll be ausome. The universe had something in mind to keep me humble and down to earth. Not all my hudereds of pictures and videos were lost (a preacious few were mysteriously saved). What was most surprising to me was how well I took it and how quickly I rationalized a lesson from the loss. My challenge is to document the event with the digital residue I was left with. So here's a slightly deflated and definately more grounded Captain Wayne-O bringing you the best coverage possible with what digital magic bestowed upon me. (I guess if you're shooting with an aiptek 5100m don't use a 4gig compact flash card it confuses the little camera).

Merry Pranksters on a bus!
Colorful buses have been a mainstay for hippies since the early beginings of the hippy movement.

a stimulating massage
Everybody who knows me knows how tactically defensive I am. I really don't like being touched. So I remember reading somewhere how it's good to break patterns and do something different. I thought I'd do something I never would normally do . . . have a massage. Energetic hands were firmly manipulating my layres of outter tissue. Just under the threashold of pain I endured. I almost said thanks but I can't take it. I had my doubts but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I left the table a little weak in the knees but energized and nural paths wide open. This lovely young lady used her magic fingers to put me in the mood for a very groovey day.

This was very well documented cam-corders every where. Thank you youtubers and of course a special thanks to the Canadian Princess. You saved the day.

Photo-electric ManPhoto-electric Man
Photo-electric Man and babes

This Photo-electronic Jeweled Dude was a show stopper turns out to be a real babe magnet . . . LED sequence a most uncomfortable costume for sure.

Along side of the main stages are park trails that function as "service roads" taking care of the huge variety of needs of staging a mega event like this. This is as close as regular folks can get. I should investigate the possibilities of getting a press pass for to better serve my eleven readers.

Peace does not necessarily come in all sizes but Peace Signs do. I wish you all peace within and hope you make it shine so all can see. This photo was taken by my wife Wendy aka Canadian Princess. It was great to be at this celebration with my ausome wife and even better her camera "Cannon Ti" functioned beautifully. She was willing to share her pictures with me, saving this page from jaws of digital disaster. Thanks Wen!

Peace Sign On

one of the six stages

If you're in San Francisco drop in the Beat Museum!icons everyone photo by Wendy Elkin

It's great that the cooperative, free, and service minded rule at these epic gatherings and that means the first aid rest station by no less than the legendary Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. The moral stance is clear quality medical services are a right as they are in other first world and many second world countries. I hardly ever get politcal but get with it or get out of the way Republicans (in Washington).

a free clinic a concept only understood in a pay for health system

Woodstock the song by J.M.

I came upon a child of God He was walking along the road And I asked him, where are you going And this he told me I'm going on down to Yasgur's farm I'm going to join in a rock-n-roll band I'm going to camp out on the land I'm going to try an' get my soul free

We are stardust We are golden And we've got to get ourselves Back to the garden

Then can I walk beside you I have come here to lose the smog And I feel to be a cog in something turning Well maybe it is just the time of year Or maybe it's the time of man I don't know who l am But you know life is for learning

We are stardust We are golden And we've got to get ourselves Back to the garden

By the time we got to woodstock We were half a million strong And everywhere there was song and celebration And I dreamed I saw the bombers Riding shotgun in the sky And they were turning into butterflies Above our nation We are stardust

Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil's bargain
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

© 2019 Wayne