aging hippies six O'Clock!

I read it on a shirt circa  2005

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Morro Bay pics and captions # 2
(12/16/2004)This is a page hidden for some mysterious purpose of which I truely have no clue but we can tell exactly when it was created. I do believe it was the Grantster of Cyberspace . . . . but why? To keep this curiosity going I'll keep the original title 'incoming' OK?

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A sapphire martini will do the trick . . . especially while using a little trick photography and a little glass can look as big as a small building in New York City . . . there may be another martini glass see if you can find it (them) on! Remember this is not an endorsement of any particular brand of gin abuse.

a loose Chinese translation

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I was filling up the Tamobile after work one day and at the local station I discovered a fascinating
young man and his camara toting side kick . . . being a friendly guy we talked a little . . .
he asked me if I'd like to be in his movie about walking to Los Angeles to meet Werner Herzog . . .
I said "sure" . . . "who's
Werner Herzog?".

There is one aging hippy that walked the walk and talked the talk sang the song
and kept true to the hippiest of values . . . I loved him then as I love him now
Mr. Donovan Philips Leitch always the Sunshine Super Dude

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40th aniversary of the Summer of Love at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, planet Earth September 2, 2007
Captain Wayne-O hugging (without written permission) Larry Harmon's Bozo © BoBo doll not to be confused with Rancho Bozo or ©

January 2, 2008

you say you wanna Resolution

Capt. Wayne-O

takes aim
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due for a change

Captain Wayne-O takes aimget your ticket today $20.00 cheep

Have a Happy Happy New Year 2009

Captain Wayne-O takes aim

music store in San Francisco

Merry Christmas 2010
Glory Be . . .

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