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This page includes most links in the approximate order of appearance, a brief intro to the site, and the rational (if any) of why it was included. There could even be a few links in COOL LINKS that can be found in no other section of RanchoBozo.com! See if you can find them. Conversly there are links in other sections that can not be found in RANCHO BOZO COOL LINKS (yeah?).

high end

The first 'Bozo' link is to Firesign Theater. The cerebral Firesign Theater swept the seventies by storm to new post psychedelic relms of strange psy-fi places never previously explored and they were pretty funny too. FT was way big with the hippies at the inception of the original Rancho Bozo. I mean we called it Rancho Bozo didn't we? The FT album with a title of profound truth "I Think We're all Bozos on this Bus" so to get what I intended click on "We're all Bozos" the blue rainbow album and listen to the audio. OK? There's a lot of fun on FiresignTheater.com and all of us fans in the ring. Check this out prophetic words from the legendary FIRESIGN THEATER who performed in Marin County February 4, 2005. An I witless report could follow. The Grantster and I joined the faithful bay area bozos. You may be able to listen to a repeat broadcast on Radio Free Margarita Ville (may be).

The second 'bozo' link is to ABC news. This is not an endorsement of any kind - other than any news is better than no news at all (I think). I linked up when my best friend emailed a link to a story about the ownership of Bozo. I was unable to link direct to the article without paying for a subscription (you may or may not know how I feel about corporate greed). The Disney/ABC slickness of this news link was some how ecto-inclusively bozo and somehow fitting for the Ranch. The rest of the big three NBC and CBS that informed and babysat me in my formative years.

The Mill Valley link is to MillValley94941.com this is Alan Nayer's brain child and a fine way to get cyber feel of a unique suburban community. I like Alan, he's great guy. Some times bad things happen to great guys. 94941 has been removed from it's server. A slanderous young man used cyber terror tactics and brought down one of the finest community based website anywhere. One of those letters of support is mine. Guess which one? Alan Nayer's MillValley94941.com defined excellence in a community web site see what it was like on the Mill Valley Public Library's web site (I found a catched collection of 94941's local web sites called People. Mill Valley's Public Library is to die for, darling.

Try the wayback feature see how your favorite websites looked years ago. I'm going to spend some time exploring this site.

The 'dictionary' link is to Merriam-Webster on line (it's pretty cool with the word for the day feature). I am by nature a very poor speller and often refer to my big red Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary while writing Rancho Bozo stuff (my low tech self) to no avail.

The Coast Village Road link is to
CoastVillage.com from Montecito, California. If you've read all about RanchoBozo.com you may have figured out that the original Rancho Bozo site was a small cottage on Coast Village Road in the seventies. This CV.com has some good links: reference desk, universities, and lots of Santa Barbars things. It's a bit weird (arcaney new agey conspiracy alienishy stuff that a suburbian cowboy could hardly warm up to) but who's calling the kettle black.

The following links are mostly found in the
In Town section:

Murphy Productions a little difficult to define. Erma Murphy is a librarian for the Mill Valley Public Library and the Guru Mama of the Guru Daddies. She also is the mostest gracious hostess of the Murphy Saloon, home of the every other First Friday Open Jam. Daniel Svagerko is amazing, for openers about a year and half ago he introduced me for the first time to email. My first cyber presence was ranchobozo@hotmail.com you can still contact me there. Daniel is continually conspiring to cultivate creativity and community. He is the bass player and spiritual leader of the Guru Daddies among many other things including a champion sea kayak-ateer.

The Comedians:

I'm not sure if you've noticed but RanchoBozo.com attempts to champion the funny . . . so here are some funny web sites. These comedians are true casual acquaintances . . . I've actually talked with them . . . joked around and stuff . . . WARNING: some of these sites contain audio hilarity.

W. Kamua Bell is very cool, funny, smart, tall, and has dreads . . . he creates, directs, and notorizes publically . . . some of his web site approaches the naughty . . . but that's cool . . . RanchoBozo.com is squeeky clean . . . still OK?

Jim Short isn't he's almost as tall as Kamua. Jim is a Texan/Australian/Comedian . . . I guess that says it all. I like his bend on things . . . he sees the funny in everything.

Johnny Steele is brilliant, the philosopher comedy king type . . . he points out the absurdity of the profound, the mundane, and the profoundly mundane and the . . . profundity of the absurd and the . . . I discovered the San Francisco cowboy band 'Red Meat' on Johnny's site . . . that too is worth a click.

Will Durst is national man! His political humor is frightfully funny . . . Who writes this stuff? Time, Newseek, the Wallsteet Journal, the Mill Valley Herald, . . . I guess . . . Will is so funny and such a nice guy and while he is the biggest of the four he is the shortest.

Grace White is very funny: she kicks comedy butt. I predict she'll be even more of a national sensation soon. I know she's tapping into a sizable population, the aging hippies . . . wrinkely facing the envidable rock'n roll old folks home . . . demographic no fault line . . . We'll see.

Organic Laughter is an improvisational comedy troupe that performs mostly in the island of Maui. Free associations of hilarity abound . . . playing off eachother for the sake of the skit. As of now you can experience the Pomo Players every Friday at the Bada Bing in Kihei, Maui. Heady and Funny: an odd combination, no Brudda?

Here on the cusp of comedy and song is Roy Zimmerman. Roy is an brilliant topical song writer, a deft lyricist, and lives around the hill in Fairfax, California. His Broadside torch carrying . . . message of the old new left . . . brought up to date . . . biting satire . . .

Ian Buttler's web-something Ian is a brilliant comedic tour de farce with no damn doubt . . . listen to some of the best parodies since Allan Sherman and lots of original tunes that explore things that should or maybe shouldn't be explored. You'll not regret the click.

Music and Related Sites:

KPIG is a radio station like no other, well? remember KFAT. I'm totally stoked that KPIG plays an amazing mix of Americana, Rock and Roll, Country, Folk and Blues with all the shades between. Now it's broadcasting in San Francisco 1510 AM. The jocks are talk'n right to ya not at ya. You're not going to love every song but you'll sure love the ride.

GORDYO.com is a site that takes care of all the music deficiencies of RanchoBozo.com in it's under representation of amazing things happening in Marin County's own Berkley: Fairfax and fringes . . . I like this site in fact I'm a little jealous! Power to the opressed masses RIGHT ON!

Two Neat is Bob and Lanna's store. I enjoy distracting Bob and he seems to enjoy the distraction. Two Neat has cards (many original), goofy stuff, and music and vids that're right up my alley. What is especially in sync with the Rancho Bozo philosophy (wow there's a philosophy?) is that the store sells CDs by local artists. Bob and Lanna are very nice people. The Two Neat web site has cool links to the musical artists they feature . . . it's very excellent way to fry your eyes on a CRT!

Village Music is a landmark record store. You can find 78s, 45s, 33 1/3s, cassettes, and CDs of every kind. The walls and ceiling's covered with museum quality memorbilia. John's a fan of everyone even his customers . . . I encourage all music lovers near Mill Valley to buy recorded music at Village Music and be sure to tell John how much he means to the community.

12 Galaxies is in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, excellent and way beyond cool. It's more than a culb with a campy name (a lot easier to say than 'a dozen full sized fords from the sixties'). It's owned and managed by an artist in remission; Robert . . . he books the acts he tends the bar . . . and does everything else that needs to be done. Hear the edgy sounds of latter day SF punk, a home away from home for Dr. Hal and Chicken John and much much more . . . it's happen i n g dude.

The Sweetwater Saloon of Mill Valley has done more to make Mill Valley a cool place to be than any other establishment. I am so stoked that the legendary Austin DeLone lets me do my thing (what ever that is) on Monday nights. Do an Austin DeLone google search and you'll find over seventy pages of musical feats.

One open mic at the Sweetwater I met an attractive red headed young lady who sings like an angel and writes like a bear . . . a mama musical bear of regions a little north of here . . . Amber Estrada is her name and supporting local music is her game. Click on Amber! Listen to Amber on CD Baby.

Lullaby Crush! I just heard a popsy cool original group with two great female singers called "Lullaby Crush". Lyrics are clever and smart and the tunes move to great rhythms. Hearing groups this good at an open mic could force me to rethink this Capt. Wayne-O bit. Link on and listen (they have a slick site too!)

A sterling performance at her CD release party. SRO at the Larkspur Cafe Theater . . . Victoria George . . . strong beautiful songs. Victoria's Single is arriving soon on RanchoBozo.com I hope . . .

CAKE! I'm a huge fan of Cake. They're so smart and so know the nature of a pop song. This is particuarly evident in Comfort Eagle! At first I linked to Cake's web site but you couldn't hear samples without paying. This is a great site. It's BBC you can explore and get a different take on the news through this site and listen to short samples of all kinds of music! Click On!

On a recent trip to LA I met Clay my daughter's house mate (not her boy friend). Clay gave me a cool CD called Early Dolphin. Yeah, Clay is the mastermind, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and dominate songwriter. He makes dream rock to take you on a trippy little dream trip.
Dolphin Early or otherwise . . . click and listen.

Commander Cody is George Frayne now of the Commander Cody Band in Saratoga Springs, NY. George is my Rock'n Hero deLux. I am amazed by his great heart and 88 bang'n. The good Commander always has a kind word for his fans and a twinkle in his eye. I wish he still lived in Stinson Beach. You can click on some samples of his vital sound. Remember George, I'm always good for a free drink if you're feel'n thirsty!

Billy C. Farlow got rid of the spam (and the message board) and he's using his front page to get out what's happening. Billy C. jumps, shouts, and pounds the side of his head and brings the fans along for a joy ride that's often too much fun! Thanks Billy C. you sure helped RanchoBozo.com get on the cyber map. Come on Billy give us another song so I don't have to delete "Click on a full free song!" There's a mighty fine read'n there too!

Bring it all Back Home Page is a most interesting site for a Bob Dylan fan. Bob has some surprises left to spring upon his fans. We're just waiting 'til he paints his masterpiece.

Well I got this email from this guy named Stan. He writes songs and has a web site, has a band and all in a small Californian town. The enterprise is known as Mass Transient. Check it out.

Dan Hicks has long been a musical hero of mine. I'm not saying the only reason I moved to Mill Valley was to be close to Dan. That was only one reason (don't tell the Canadian Princess). Dan Hicks makes wonderful original music that's appreciated by his adoring fans. I kinda like it that way. Dan's web site is Hicksville and a very swell site indeed, a labor of love and devotion. Thanks Ken and Kathy!

Borderline is songwriters and performers who sing and play their hearts out just for the joy of it all. Glenn is a great M.V. guy. Be sure to listen to 'Perfect World' in it's entirity. Such a cool (well, perfect) song.

Deal Guitars are kinda world famous! Charlie is a Mill Valley Legend and the nicest guy you'll ever want to meet. I'm proud to say Charlie is working on a Toiletcaster for me. Charlie is happy about the article the Canadian Princess wrote about him in MV Herald! Listen to the Rock'n Classic "The Legend of Charlie Deal" by Austin DeLone.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott is a true American Legend the model for all Brooklyn Cowboys to follow. Bob Dylan and Dan Hicks paid special attention to Jack's ramblin's. It's a great honor to the Bay Area that Ramblin' Jack Elliott resides here. Do your self a big favor by clicking and reading Ramblin' Jack's bio.

Abi Yoyo is all what we love about punk! They're young, rambuctious, smart, desperate, naughty, and a little unpredictable! These Mill Valley kids are Genevieve's friends. Abi Yoyo took a van and toured accross the U.S.A. You can hear full lengths songs on their unique website.

On a Cool Californian Community out reach to Bolinas, CA the Grantster and I encounter physics in theory . . . meet a man of great talent and stature, Mike of Stringtheories is a bowl 'em over performer and an amazing song writer . . . in the quantum cyber fringe . . . resides stringtheories.com , , , , if intellegent pop rocks could talk would they say? . . . "please get the hippy off the lawn." Stringtheories' music for thinking beings (at Smiley's?) raw rock wrapped Smiley's tightly . . .

Universities and other educational institutions: The Suburbian Cowboy though more noted for his zany wit and lyrical prowess has cast his shadow on the hallowed halls of higher educational hallways, filled up blue books, audited classes, and sat in quads. Keep on learn'n or truck'n or somethin' . . .

Santa Barbara City College:What a great community college that is! I enjoyed it! What's surprising is that parents are paying for their nonresident children to go there. I wouldn't. I'd say live in the basement and go to College of Marin. That's what I would say.

University of California Santa Barbara: This has become number three of the UCs right under Cal and UCLA. There are far too many square concrete things all over the campus, in my opinion. I.V. is not such a safe place for children (you could fall off a cliff) other than that it's OK.

San Francisco State University: Although San Jose State Univeristy is Cal State, here in the bay area State is San Francisco State. It's so diverse . . . English will satisfy a language requirement . . . I like State so much I'm going to think of some reason to . . . 0h how 'bout web design.

University of California Los Angeles: Wow very cool school! LA has much improved it's air especially in it's costal western area where UCLA is. My own Purple Pixie, Courtney Carmel Elkin is working on her PhD in the pure ivory tower field of Critical Studies in Theater. The campus rocks major. Westwood is so-cal neuvo decco cool and to think back in original Rancho Bozo time I thought LA sucked.

Parsons School of Design is in the heart of New York city. My darling baby daughter goes to art school in the big apple, how cool is that? Expensive yes, very but through the magic of 'Parent's Plus Loans' it's possible.

The Smithsonian Institute was worth waiting fifty two years to see. This website is almost as remarkable. Even with an attention span like mine you could spend an hour or two clicking and reading. If you haven't already check it out and see for yourself.

The power of the written word is cyberly on display at the National Archives Experience!

personally speaking:

Genevieve Elkin designed a web site for a school project last year at Parsons. Her interest is illustration and animation. I find it a fascinating site because it is so solidly visual. As you can see my site relies primarily on writing (all I know how to do at this point is text editing and links). Genna uses about sixteen different words and a few of them are numbers. All drawings and design aspects are hers. Genna also has dabbled in politcal cartooning. I want to make special note that Strong Bad is the only link from her site. Strong Bad is an excellent cartoon series! Please watch!

Wendy Elkin It is ironic Wendy with her writing and photography could have easily built a site that would have paled RanchoBozo.com for sure. She's chosen to support art through her stint as a Mill Valley art commissioner and persue her life long interest in journalism by writing excellent stories in our local newspaper the Mill Valley Herald about local folks who make a difference. The site does offer a few samples of Wendy's outstanding photography.

If you need advice about anything that may be bothering you I strongly recommend a discussion with our family's advisor Margaret Motheral visit her website Wild Mother Medicine.

Look here for more links later . . .

D'Angelo's Resturant is a Mill Valley favorite. Folks come from all over the bay area to eat and be seen. The Canadian Princess and I are always treated very well. The food is consitantly great. I recommend the vegetarian pizza and a 'Ten' Martini staight up (shaken vigorously)w/garlic olives! Great Supporters of the Community!

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