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he put his fingers to the side of his head and pontificatedCaptain Wayne-O sez: well . . . (he put his fingers to the side of his head and pontificated)
Pope Francis on protecting our planet "You wake up one morning with a vague notion that you had a dream and maybe everybody else had the same dream . . . or perhaps an awakening . . .

Now would be a good time for everyone to accept that we are all related, interconnected and interdependent upon eachother across all species through out our home planet. Now would be a good time for more and more of us to act accordingly. Now is a good time for our actions to be lead by what is good for others, the earth as well as ourself. Now is a good time to give love freely. It's a great time to open our hearts and receive love. It's everywhere let yourself feel it.

We believe it's possible for the powerful policy makers in government and industry through out the world to work together with a vision of sustainablity and social justice. We are capable of technological solutions to help all humanity and all the other life forms on our planet. Imagine an evergrowing solar electric energy station orbiting in L5 between the earth and moon. An amazing station that can deliver many times over peak global load so everyone on planet earth can plug in their favorite whatevers for free. The governments of the world will also be free to concentrate their efforts on solving real world problems instead of creating them.

You who have the wealth, power, resources and ingenuity don't you think it's shameful how much mass suffering in our world is tolerated. We think enough's enough and if enough of us share plans, prayers and visions they will be implemented. We will naturally move toward an economy of abundancy and sustainablity as the monetary system is abanoned and considered useless. The world will be a better place to explore what it is to be a human. . . "

What happens when the eagle and the condor share the sky? PACHAMAMA Alliance . . . STORY of STUFF

This is an experiment in html and web development. (Grant K. Rauscher - April 4, 2004)

The philosophy of departs from traditional veiws: immaturity is often maligned and regarded as a negative trait. re-frames immaturity as a key virtue and a vehicle for coping with inevitable decay in our material world. This pic and caption: "Our Streets a Great Street" from the very begining of says it well?

The emphasis of humor in the comedy and tragedy of life is a structural component of It is possible to find humor in almost everything especially ourselves. As my Nana use to say 'laughter is the best medicine'. Briefly, is a web site that is serious about not to taking it's self too seriously. Why not visit and see for yourself? I really don't think you should take this laughing yoga thing laying down Amanda.

The aging hippy dippiness of the site reflects this philosophy. The hippies of the sixties and seventies did their thing as youth and aged. This large segment of boomers went on to do lots of stuff including raising families, becoming presidents, paying mortgages, and having careers. A few kept the hippy thing alive in isolated enclaves through out the world and Northern California. The resulting Xsters may have names like Cactus, Moonluster, Rainbow, Thundercloud, Brick, or Josh.

I personally took a more moderate path by keeping some of the hippy thing alive while living a more conventional life style. My hair was always at least longish, wire rimmed glasses and usually sported a trimmed beard (I'm sure you know the type). Oh yes we must remember appearances are just that, who was more hip than that drummer in Spirit with the shaved head? Being of this variety we usually earned a living in the helping proffessions some in the helping yourself proffessions.

Immaturitity does not necessarily imply childish behavior. However it certainly embraces child-like behavior. We can accept our mistakes, learn from them and still remain immature . . . we can do the responsible thing and still remain immature . . . we can gray and wrinkle and still remain immature . . . we can care deeply for others and our planet and still remain immature . . . Immaturity, biologists tell us could be the the crucial one or two percent difference between us and the other great apes. The cluster of genetic commands that cause the other great apes to mature appear to be turned off in our species. I am in fact an immature chimp grown up, just ask my wife. I will search for more supporting documentation.

The implications of maturity (or the lack of) fuels one of the major differences in the males and females of our species. The uneveness of maturity . . . females seem more likely to mature while most men seem remarkably adept at remaining immature. This presents many challenges for a life long male female bonding. I've noticed this in my wife and even my daughters who have all become more mature than dear old dad. I'm caught in a Peter Pan syndrome and don't find it a problem. In the mean time boys fill your chest with pride and crow "I'll never grow up" yeah with great conviction.

Canadian Princess and Ram Das Oh speaking of Peter Pan another element of the philosophy rests upon Peter Pan Theism. Peter Pan Theism is an an all inclusive religious non system first brought to my awareness by the late great David Crane back in the early seventies . . . the wonder of God is evident in all we see and do . . . even the workings of our seemingly wicked world is absolute perfection . . . a return to animistic wonder . . . the choice that help things along is simply to show you care . . . oh yeah and love is all you need . . . and what a friend I have in Jesus . . . if every thing is everything then . . . we shall discuss this later . . . er well it's later . . . I've been curious about metaphysical stuff for years . . . when I was a young lad I remember making my eyes go off focus causing the large angels that flanked the alter to fly around the church during high mass at Our Lady of Sorrow in Santa Barbara, California . . . figuring I could get away with more serious offenses by tacking on an extra lie during Saturday confessions . . . any way back in the latter days of Rancho Bozo when Wendy and I lived in sin we talked about a big book with large type and weird illustrations that seemed to be printed on brown wrapping paper: BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass aka Dr. Richard Alpert a fellow soul and youtuber. The message was bombarding us from many sides . . . oneness . . . we wanted Dr. Dass to perform our marrage cerimony but we couldn't afford the $1200 donation he required at that time . . . We opted for the Assistant Episcopal Bishop of California: Edward Crowther. Earlier that year . . . we were taking a very cool adult ed. course from Dr. Crowther on Jungian therapy . . . at any rate . . . this is a photo of Wendy and one of our gonzo gurus Ram Das we love Ram Das . . . and further more exclusivity is not really the Rancho Bozo way . . . so your true nature is in absolute idenity with the universe: all it's history and possible futures . . . so what? well . . . That's what Alan Watts was so very good at explaining the tough metaphysical questions that crop up in all but the brain dead . . . . Oh was that the "ecription Book of the Brain Dead" just kidding it's "The Book" by the Right Reverend Alan Watts is such a primmer a real turn on . . . give it read . . . . . . . that's you the big you that does the youing . . . that you that involves the material evolution of you through all of your stages from nothingness to the mighty universe as it expesses it's self as you at this moment. Just RELAX and let the Holy Spirit convert your heart . . . love those you really despise (I'm working on trying to love the insatiable greedsters and the masters of war, it's tough). . . and pray often (when you get teary you're getting there) suspend your resistance . . . be thankful for the tough lessons that life presents you and estatic for everything else . . . know that you've been forgiven before you were ever born (if for some reason you feel guilty find out why . . .) find out why Jesus is such an ausome friend of mine. Oh by the way if you didn't know all ready the Word's been spread . . . peace through humility, expect something wonderful. Please visit and get your head in the clouds.
Here's a prayer that works wonders:

Charting the female mind

There is a chance that publishing this little thing I lifted off the net will alienate
upwards to fifty percent of my readership . . . this of course represents a highly scientific mapping
of brain activity sites with respect to cognitive and subcognitive female behaviors.
Our theory would suggest such gender differentiation is largely due to the uneveness
of maturation. Please refer to the diagram. I insist on including an equivilent diagram of a male
brain if there is a sufficiently immature female to create one.

mapping of male behavior sites

In an effort to maintain fair and balanced alienation refer to the diagram of the male brain.
It should be noted that nearly all male activity is considered sub cognitive. This is of course is
a result of the male's uncanny resitance to mature in other words the uneveness of maturation.
Sub cognitive activities are not necessarily restricted to belching, leaving the lid up
and ear picking. A very special thank you to the unknown author(s) of these diagrams of human brains.
What three basic philosophical tenets are expressed in this Strong Bad email?

Up hiway 1 up the road a couple of miles past Rancho Bozo de Norte is Green Gultch Farm, a Zen Center where the Alan Watts video takes place, the working farm . . . it is a favorite place for hikes . . . the Canadian Princess took this little vid of me as I summon the faithful . . .

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It should be noted that the spiritual confusion that I embraced and enjoyed eventually brought me to a degree of spiritual certainty and peace I thought was impossible. These earlier experiences of exploration are neither denied nor deleted.

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