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Nowhere's like Bolinas California! Legend has it that residents will remove Cal Trans signs hours after they're posted. Even with the sign it's easy to miss the turn off. It's an old community that resists outside influences and that includes outsiders. Bolinas is haven for artists, poets, aging hippies, surfers, townies, and aged beats. A couple of years ago Bolinas rejected Martha Stewart's generous offer to invade and 'beautify' Bolinas. How did they dis the plans of the 'Martha'? Keep up to date where Bolinas Blogs The sighBo Borgblog
and for a modern historical background enjoy reading Bolinas 2miles.

Our Lady of Bolinas

Well the devoted citizens lit candles and prayed that Our Lady of Bolinas would intercede and keep Bolinas Martha free. As my mother use to say 'never underestimate the power of prayer son'.

Bolinas is mostly a state of mind

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Those shadows are unfortunate however it does reflect's easy going homemade look and feel. A colorful public access to one of Marin's best beaches.

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California's amazing weather can provide excellent beach days any month of the year (not a huge amount but execellent none the less).

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The words of prophets are written on the subway walls and tenament halls . . . . Paul Simon . . . painting the walls is encouraged by the community elders . . . who are often part time prophets . . . Two large concrete tablets inscibed with words from the prophets . . . weather Bolinas forever redeemed saved from the ravages of yupification . . . (so far)

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Planet of the apes . . . of course . . . naked apes . . . simian surfer culture . . . watch competitive wave action from the shore . . . monkey see . . .

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We search for meaning . . . ever wondered how the expression off the wall originated? . . . well have you? The Fourth of July 2005 Bolinas California . . .

The ribbons flutter in the breeze the flimsiest of all home made floats . . . the fourth of July the revolution was fought we the hippies won we keep Bolinas the home of the free . . . you keep the rest . . .

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White Rasta dude Qs grinds for a red white and blue day mon . . .

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The Bolinas General Store takes you back in time . . . wooden side walks and the most amazing posting wall in Marin County . . .

the sign says 'think global eat local' at the Coast Cafe
The think global act local is a sustainable life way for many Bolinas residents and of course businesses rely on the few tourists that can find this bohemian California coastal hamlet.

Smiley's a historic dive

Smiley's like a town hall for the rest of us. They even have an open mic.

a history in decals
Smiley's window sports a collection of stickers that reflect the varied mindset of Bolinas, California.

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Here's the side of the general store . . . notice the quail crest the symbol of the Bolinas Boarder Patrol . . . keeping Bolinas the land of the free . . .

Judith Rocks
Judith is an amazing deva of herbs, potions, and ancient hippy cures. Judith provides expert advice with all her offerings. Her popular little shop contributes greatly to the well being and general theme of the community of Bolinas, California . . .

el presidente StuArt visionary sign-maker and sprout on harp

if you really need something . . . take it

Bolinas is the land of the free . . . in each and every way. The "campers" are another part of Bolinas.

A Father & Son Adventure
Nick and his guitar playing son (with his back conveniently turned) to reveal their destiny that evening help fill SBC park and coffers for the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band.

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