Paia, Maui a Cool Pacific Connection

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this is not the place we had the fish tacos but it is in Paia We found a village in Maui rich with historic charm, a great surfing spot and beautiful uncrowded beaches. The California connection is obviously Bolinas. Hipsters of all ages abide. The Canadian Princess and I found Miladros with savory auhay tacos and authentic non Cuban mojitos. We both gave our lunch a thumb way up. Alternative shops and a sense of community at odds with Maui's dominate car culture. As much as I love California it's clear that Maui is more California than even California. More sunshine, better surf, a more relaxed life style, and richer sun tans isn't that what California is about?

this hand painted uke is showing up all over the place . . .
How many ukes can you find on this site? Painted Uke
Maui royal palms bowing towards the Pacific
Blessed by the Dali Lama himself

. . .

The Canadian Princess escapes with out a purchase . . .
Paia is plagued with cute little shops
Too many cars in Maui a dominate car culture . . . with a super ferry in wake . . .
my wave'n babe of thirty two yearssuch a twist on plants
The other worldly jade plant exists for our amusement . . . the Plantation's gardens are a tropical wonder

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from the Plantation

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