Wendy Lapides

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Wendy Lapides and Wayne Elkin met on the internet through a common interest; the music and antics of Mr. Dan Hicks. Exchanging emails about seeing Dan's FlipClip we discovered lot of other things we had in common: we both wrote wacky cool songs - Too Excellent! Both were Alumni of UCSB! Both married and raising great kids! . . . among other interests of a couple of average
Hixters of Cyber Space.

Wendy's voice has a compelling quality. . . . Surrender Dorthy and just playfully roll us a song . . . .
Capt. Wayne-O sez: "Smart songs that go brave places in funny ways, I dig Wendy Lapides' songs". Thank you Wendy Lapides for making making RanchoBozo.com your cyber home or at least your "cyber-crash-pad ©".

Wendy Lapides was born and raised in Rhode Island. Of theatrical parents, she grew up on show tunes, and much to the dismay of some, knows a song for just about any word, phrase, sentence or letter uttered. She studied guitar at age nine, took lessons for three years, and then took a long hiatus. Wendy attended Brown University, UCLA, and graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Art History. In 1994, Wendy picked up the guitar again and began studying with musician and playwright Jim Brunelle, who urged her to try writing. She did, and Brunelle produced her 16-song cd in 1996. In describing Wendy's lyrics, artist Elizabeth Rosen says that Wendy has a "quirky sense of humor about not so funny things." The late Sam Weiss, art director on the Mr. Magoo and Bullwinkle shows said of Lapides' lyrics: "They have that wonderful combination of surprise and inevitability--very original." Wendy works part-time in a small independent bookstore and has completed her first novel, The Marriage Garden.

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SIDE A: Surrender Dorthy by Wendy Lapides © 1996

He quit his job at Pizza Hut Sold almost everything he owned
Packed a bag, moved out west and got a job at Dominoes

chorus: 'cause nothing changes everything stays the same
so surrender to routine embrace the plane

She went under the knife when she turned 44
Had everything lifted but it's still her dog who greets her at the door


New hundred dollar bills They enlarged Ben's head
Franklin's no better off though 'cause he's still just plain old dead
And AT & T was once king of them all
Then came the big break up But a call is still a call


Take a lesson from Dorothy, baby You don't need the terror of Oz
Just take a look around you You know it's all in your own backyard

'cause nothing changes everything stays the same
So surrender to routine and have a lot of fun and read a good book
and call an old friend and learn to embrace the plain

SIDE B: Secret Life by Wendy Lapides © 1996

I'm waiting to crash I'm waiting to choke I'm waiting to trip or go up in smoke

'cause I've got a secret a secret life Forget my troubles
Forget my strife Like Walter Mitty, Victoria, too Superman, Underdog they knew what to do

Like a hand in a cookie jar Betty Ford in a bar
a cheshire cat grin, a furtive look seeing the movie 'stead of reading the book

And I'm waiting to fall I'm waiting to slip I'm waiting to drown or to lose my grip

'cause I've got a secret a secret life I'll forget my husband you forget your wife
Like Walter Mitty, Victoria,too Superman, Underdog They knew what to do

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