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redwood: Rancho Bozo del Norte

A relaxed response deliberate natural . . . a little cool calm and collected . . . to be calm to be cool . . . breathing easy . . . RANCHO BOZO dot calm . . . once again a new level of redundancy . . . nothing makes me more uptight than some overly concerned but-in-ski who can't bear to hear a little stress in someone else's voice . . . know what I mean?

Continue to relax deeply . . . attend to your breathing . . . problems seem to disolve into insignificance as you more deeply relax . . . the edge between the tree tops and sky slowly slowly fades . . . . as you continue to relax . . .

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The clouds paint pictures in your mind . . . relax and let your imagination evoke an epic of mythic proportions or perhaps a myth of epic proportions that sweeps you away in alert relaxation . . .

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You are so relaxed you don't know if you're asleep or just in a coma . . . an ever quieting of your mind the cessation of thought the tranquil ever present pause between breaths brings you deeper more peaceful and deeper . . . are you the tiny branch or the space between? . . . well are you? . . .

into or out of the woods
are you walking into the thick of woods lost? or are you all most out of the woods . . . you see?
whistfully west marin
Grant Rauscher's artistic glimps caught on a digital whim . . . still water reflects light as perfectly as a mirror . . . relax while attending to this image of nature . . . attending to your breath - attend - while a butterfly mimics a moths drab colors . . . relax . . .

pretty like nature turned up a little

Photo by the Grantster of Cyberspace

rusty barb wire on a post

the breath out imperceptable to the breath in . . . a sense of presence - a sense of being - a feeling of lightness? . . . a feeling of infinite mass . . . bodily pain a distant memory oneness and quiet joy

Water that lovely wet gift from outer space lest we forget . . .
freshwater waves South Lake Tahoe, California

an oak limb lumbering inches above the ground . . .

you belong in fact it all belongs to you

Mendicino County Hills

The turning of a season the quiet movement of leaf to ground a seamless silent breath relax relax calm down . . .

Pismo Beach

I got to this point and decided to throw the I Cing with RanchoBozo like this by google searching ran cho bo zo . . .

Did you mean?: rancho bozo

ShoshingeCho nichi gak-ko sho jin setsu Is-sai gun jo mu ko sho ... Hon shi don ran ryo ten shi Jo ko ran sho bo satsu rai San zo ru shi ju jo kyo ... http://web.mit.edu/stclair/www/shoshinge.html

a photograph by my dad Wayne Elkin Sr. circa 1957

a long and winding path of spiritual interest leading me home RanchoCristo.com.

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