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Internet pop icon, Captain Wayne-O sez: Welcome to! Click on! "we're all Horse Mouths" . . . I'm kinda glad you found this site - ever look in a horse's mouth? SONGS the SONGS this site's about [SONGS] straight from the Horses' Mouth This is a place to post an original song or two so tell that songwriter you know about! The Suburbian Cowboy's round'n up songs to post on the Ranch! FREE CUZ FREE'S COOL!!!
FREE COLORING CONTEST! (just scroll on down)

Something Smart Something Wacky Something Scientific! Click on to hear the song and see the original story board for [SUBURBIAN COWBOY] (the first few lines) of an aborted (before there were videos) animation/song project but I think I was just waiting for Computer Magic or somebody that looks like her. . . . trim, fit, and shapely obviously on the [ELKINs DIET] * email ~

With nary a whisper of FAN FARE is displaying all the maturity of a brand new cover page and to think there were some who thought it wouldn't last. Google spiders, glad you're back on patrol! We're still on the Web, Woah! Wayne-O! Wave a FLAG! an AGING HIPPY??? * * * READ ABOUT HORSE MOUTH ADVENTURES IN [ramblings]! The Real Horse Mouth Ranch & Captain Wayne-O in [VITALS] or your family dog's TRIBAL STOMP!!! How 'bout a The Philosophy of Wait, did the hippies get it right? or maybe they will *

I would like to invite any one who traveled the world during the crazy free love era to scan your scrap book drop me a jpeg and an email. The Road to Kathmandu? and the [CYBER BACKpack]will be opened. Where were you in '72? It was a long time ago - "Europe on FIVE DOLLARS A DAY" for real! Our Cool European Connection Christian and Marion's Vacation Diary! Christian's amazing music site is NOVAtune ! See the all the RanchoBozo videos on YouTube! Thank you Miss Carmela for introducing to easy video. So just what are [HORSE MOUTH RANCH COOL LINKS]. . . ? Wish I had more on my space or maybe just more space on your space.

We at HorseMouthRanch are experimenting with [FIREpit 2] it's on line for a while . . . now you can leave a message, ask a question, start a conversation, solve an age old problem, create a new age problem, what ever? Let's see if user friendly issues and spam filtration, entertainment value things like that are solved with a free message board. * * * AMAZING computing services by Webmaster Grant aka the Grantster of Cyberspace! THANKS GRANT! for breathing cyberlife into . . . wish you still lived next door. GeeKieR Enterprises © See the Grantster's Groovie Movies of Cyberspace!

I can also be reached at - not an email address - Horse Mouth Ranch and are trade marks and can not be held responsible for any breach of comment implied or other wise represented as original and unabridged with full protection and all rights reserved under established international copyright law. For your edification: Horse Mouth Ranch .com by any other name? Rancho Bozo does sound Spanish 'cause it is. CLICK ON: 'Our Language Embraces the Southwest'

Did it happen In Town? Mill Valley the in town of MarIn Towns . . . from a Horse Mouth Ranch del Norte perspective of course . . . this translates to Spanish or German how 'bout French ooh, la, la!  the possibilities appear endless!  {a Grantster tip: for a real trip, try translating more than once with Babelfish!} and yet another Cool California Community Connection Morro Bay pics and captions # 1" and # 2 featuring BIG ROCK BALALAIKAS a Russian Gypsy Dance Band! (link - listen - dance - drink vodka)and now Bolinas pics and captions! Cal Connect back in Santa Barbara or South Lake Tahoe . . . Press Kit

[SONGS] [InTown] [FIREpit] [VITALS] [ramblings] [COOL LINKS] [CYBER BACKpack] [ELKINsDIET]

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